NH Primary Process: What YOU can do to promote ideas in Consuming Government


In July a copy of Consuming Government was provided to all presidential candidates who had responded with their addresses.  A survey was then included with the book and sent to the other candidates.  As each candidate responds, answers will be posted on this page along with pictures of candidates with Consuming Government.

Click here to download the survey. We issued a press release and it has started to be picked up. See Press Release on Big News Network

To see candidates speak: Click Here

NHPR Candidate Tracker: Click Here

What to do when you go to see a candidate:

  • Bring your copy of Consuming Government

  • Go and talk to others there who also brought Consuming Government with them

  • Bring the survey questionnaire with you and discuss with the group questions you would like to pose to the particular candidate.

  • When the candidate starts to speak, stand or sit together and make Consuming Government visible, i.e., perhaps hold it chest high as you watch and listen

  • If you pose for a picture with a candidate, please have them sign your copy of the book on a favorite section in Consuming Government