About the Common Denominator Tour


What it is:
Steven Borne, President of the Rye Civic League and author of Consuming Government, will present and then lead the following:

1) NH Tools for Civic Engagement
There are a host of tools and resources available for NH Communities. These range from Citizen’s Count, Plan NH, NH Cooperative Extension, NH Listens, No Labels Unity campaign and many other tools and events. Borne will present a brief summary, putting them in context and how and when to leverage them.

2) Local Civic Activities
Leveraging his experience from the Rye Civic League, Borne will explain what the Rye Civic League has been doing and what could be emulated in this community. He will also pull topics from Consuming Government that will be applicable for this community to begin with. As Borne tours NH he will be building a file of use cases, so what different communities have done and how other areas can avoid re-inventing the wheel. These will also be captured on consumegov.com.

3) What this community can be doing
Borne will then facilitate a brief discussion of what the community could be doing. The listening circle format will be used, where small groups will brain storm, present top ideas and then briefly discuss.

  • What is in it for the community? Those who attend will leave the Common Denominator discussion with a better understanding of existing tools, resources and a potential action list the community can begin to move forward with,

  • What you can be doing? The big challenge is going to be scheduling and filling the room. For every NH Community, we need NH Community Champions. Ideally this will be the heads of the local Republican, Democratic parties, and a few other influential people in the community. Please contact (info@consumegov.com) Steven Borne to reserve dates and times and who else is on your Community Team.

Check out what’s happening with the Common Denominator Tour below!